The 27 books of artists (Teriade Collection)


Between 19-06-2013 and 12-01-2014 the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens housed the periodical exhibition “Artists’ Books” from the “Tériade” Art Collection. In January 2014 and on the occasion of that event, we asked and received permission from the museum housing the exhibition as well as from the Tériade Museum-Library, the Tériade Collection’s permanent home in Mytilini, to include actions that would revolve around the exhibition in the thematic units of the European program Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue: Our path to awareness of our cultural, regional and historical heritage.
Initially, we contacted Ms. Ioanna Alexandri, the art expert in charge of the exhibition, and videotaped an interview with her in the space where the exhibits were displayed. Our aim was to produce educational materials within the framework of the program that could be utilized at schools. On the basis of that interview, we made 22 short videos lasting 4-7 minutes each. Those educational videos were dubbed in English so that they may become readily accessible by the educational community worldwide once they had been posted online.
The videos show part of the work of Stratis Eleftherdiadis (aka Tériade), a significant Greek publisher. The videos cover a broad range of Modern Art by presenting eminent artists. Through a selection of specific books, they focus on the following thematic units:
i/Art and intergenerational relations
ii/Art and Eros
“Art and intergenerational relations”, the first thematic unit, was one of the components studied by the program. It was implemented by the 11th Gymnasium High School of Ilion. With a view to creating teaching proposals, the high school’s teachers probed into the topic and designed a number of intergenerational actions which were implemented in collaboration with the 2nd Open Care Center for the Elderly (KAPI) of Ilion and the Association of Ilion Residents of Arkadian Descent. Through that approach the teachers, in tandem with the program’s coordinator, paved the way to new educational paths. They studied the way in which senior citizens (the living oral tradition, the “living books” as the writer Mr. Kalpouzos called them during his speech at the Ilion 11th Gymnasium) can organize it with the schools to relay Tradition to younger generations and thus bolster what we call “experiential learning”. The action that revolved around the “Teriade” Exhibition was added as a action that provided food for contemplation with a view to studying the older artists’ visual angles as they seek their roots and reminisce about their past.
“Art and Eros”, the second thematic unit entailed the program’s attempt to study from the anthropological point of view wedding ceremonies, traditions, and customs in Greece and Grecia Salentina. Actions on the part of Greece, involved the Drama Club of the 2nd Gymnasium (Junior High School) of Nea Filadelfia. Its members, in collaboration with the program’s coordinator, wove their educational journey into the past on that theme and succeeded in leading the remaining students to seminal thinking: they gave a theatrical performance that involved the comparison between the customs of the traditional wedding ceremony in Arcadia with those of the contemporary wedding ceremony. The action involving the “Tériade” topic was designed as a complementary action.
More specifically, we created the following videos:
1/ General information about Teriade

2/ Great Books

3/ Bonnard: Correspondences,

4/ Laurence : Idylls,

5/ Chagall:Daphnis & Chloe,

6/ The Childhood of Ubu

7/ The City (artists trading the issue of city),

8/ Memories (Bonnard & Miro),

9/ Love

10/The Circus (artists trading the issue of Circus),

11/ Rouault

12/ Bonnard

13/ Laurence

14/ Matisse

15/ Picasso

16/ Leger,

17/ Chagall

18/ Grommaire

19/ Miro

20/ Le Gris

21/ Le Corbusier

22/ Giaccometi

Further, we designed a teaching scenario in the form of a webquest on the theme. It can be accessed at here