Tales for Change

“Tales for Change” is a proposal of the Comenius Regio Arca.dia.logue partnership that will change your point of view about stories and tales and their value during your educative initiatives. Tales may help you to touch the hearts and minds of your pupils. By sharing stories, and tales you will be able to build relationships, trust and inspire your audience towards change and a desired outcome.

In ARCA.DIA.logue, you will:
– be introduced to the power of tales so that you understand why it is a powerful educative tool to help you transmit your change initiatives and influence pupils.
– be introduced to the power of storytelling

More specifically, in this link, you can see the following tales & other seminars or events about this theme:

Greek’s tales

(in English / e-book)
1. The princess and the inventive Young Man
2. The lazy Old Man
3. The smart daughter of the villager
4. The Three Princes

(in French)

1. La Bonne Dame et les douze mois
2. Le miel de Pardon

(Shadow theater)

1. Η κυρά και οι δώδεκα μήνες

Italian’s tales

1. Vero Verissimo
2. Le fate

Griko’s tales

Tale “Franco st’anguria”

Tale “Lu sciakuddhi”

Morphology of tales by Vladimir Propp

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