Cross-generational collaborations: an alternative approach to teaching about Traditions

The central theme of the first year covered aspects of the historical, cultural, linguistic, and artistic past together with themes linked to environmental sustainability. It was during that year that the foundations for a more in-depth knowledge of the two regions were built. Running parallel to those foundations was the design of an intergenerational collaboration which called for programming certain actions by teachers and students addressed to senior citizens. Those actions became the foundation or a multi-dimensional, multi-thematic teaching scenario that would culturally approach the program’s themes through Art and, more specifically, through theater, dance, and music.
I) Relations between generations and school. A book published by the A Athens DI.D.E
Διαγενεακές σχέσεις και σχολική Εκπαίδευση

II) A synthesis of actions

a) Italy – Laboratori inter generazionali Instituto Comprensivo di Corigliano d’otranto

b) Greece – Brindging generations – 11 gymnasium of Ilion