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Website: http://dide-a-ath.att.sch.gr/new/

The 1st Directorate for Secondary Education in Athens – Public Authority (regional) – is one of the most central ones in Greece since it covers the Municipality of Athens and the neighboring ones. It is the core of all educational reforms thanks to its important geographical location, the rich historical background as well as the fact that it has been at the center of the important economic and social changes. In comparison to the other directorates, this one runs a large number of secondary schools, which host many multicultural students of diverse cultural backgrounds. Moreover, the 1st Directorate of Secondary Education of Athens- Public Authority (Regional) – leads a network of 5 more Directorates on the planning of new educational activities on the school subject of Home Economics & Ecology and more specifically on the chapter “School and Social Life”. One of these Directorates is located in Attica (3rd Directorate), while the other 4 cover the region of Crete.
Specifically, the body wishes to enhance the relationship with the area of Puglia (a region connected with Greece and the Greek culture) and also to shape the cultural identity of the future European citizen. Consequently we are much interested in carrying out an educational activity of cultural and political integration either into the school environment itself or through the coordination with other bodies and cultural clubs, always under the scope of the improvement of the educational system. For this reason the Directorate counts on the action and the experience of the Municipality of Ilion which has already run relevant educational programs. The 1st Directorate for Secondary Education has chosen to study the successful actions of the Municipality of Ilion and  to expand its educational and cultural plan to many local schools with the purpose of introducing it to the neighboring municipalities. The Directorate considers the cooperation among the Municipality of Ilion, the association of “Proselini”, the care centre for the elderly, the involved schools and the area of Puglia valuable since this is believed to be the only way to create and introduce a new model of cooperation between the municipality and the Schools.


Website: http://11gym-iliou.att.sch.gr/

The 11TH Gymnasium of Ilion is one of the biggest schools in the Municipality of Ilion as well as in the 3rd extensive Educational Administration of Athens. All the 35 educators of the school and the 300 students with their parents compose an important part of the municipality of Ilion. It is a school which plans and materializes innovative activities and cooperation enriching the educational process. The school intends to materialize the specific project, aiming at the formation of the identity of tomorrow’s European citizen, emphasizing on the values of simple everyday life, through a productive cooperation and the exchanging of activities with Educational Institutions, Local Authorities and European Union Authorities.


Website: http://blogs.sch.gr/2gymnfil/

The 2nd Gymnasium (Junior High School) of Nea Filadelfia was established in 1964 as a High School.
Following the reform in the secondary education in 1976-1977, it changed into a) Junior High School (having 12-15 year old students- Gymnasium) and b) Senior High School (having 16-18 year old students – Lykeio). It is a medium–sized school. There are 214 students and 29 educators. The school has a long tradition in putting different events up such as theatrical performances, educational trips, concerts with songs and dance. There is a school choir and a theatrical group.
The school has decided to take part in the project because of that tradition. Our students are also interested in environmental and health matters.


Website: http://www.ilion.gr

The ‘Open Care Centers for the Elderly’ are part of the Social Service of the Municipality of Ilion (DH.KE.PA.KA.).
They are open to any senior citizens over 55 years old. This institution points at caring about the mental, psychological and physical health of the elderly so as to remain autonomous and equal members in our society.
Specifically, the stuff of the ‘Open Care Centers for the Elderly’ provide for the member-citizens:
– Provide and deal with any social, mental, psychological and biological needs with respect to the personality, the dignity and the rights of the members and pointing at improving their standard of living and at enhancing their active role in society.
– Inform the members about various services being available by other bodies.
– Make sensitive and alert the rest citizens and the institutional bodies about the elderly needs and abilities.
– Organize evens or leisure happenings (excursions, celebrations, dinners, summer baths, camps, theatrical performances, visits to archaeological sites)
– Provide healthcare services for the prevention and the treatment of various health problems (diabetes-cholesterol-blood pressure rates, vaccinations, etc).
– Individual or in-groups guidance through creative activities (dance, craft, gym, choral, fairytale narration).
– Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy carried after medical evaluation and proposal.
– Lectures by medical professionals.
-Canteen that offers beverages and various treaties.
-Companionship and Friendship clubs.


Website: http://arkadesiliou.weebly.com/

The Cultural association ‘PROSELINI’ of the Arcadian population in the region of Ilion was founded in 2002. The association seats in the Municipality of Ilion where more than 35.000 Arcadian people live. Our association aims at preserving, expanding and transferring the Arcadian culture and the local customs that compose the Arcadian heart. Special effort is made to pass our rich cultural heritage into the youngest people. Specifically we try to enhance those people’s bonds with their homeland by introducing them to the Arcadian history as well as to help them acquire self-awareness so as to carry the tradition on. Cooperation and mutual support are the most basic qualities along the members of our association. Each member helps both psychologically and practically those in need. Moreover ‘PROSELINI’ frequently organizes various cultural events; we collect and highlight the accomplishments of Arcadian personalities who have been distinguished in the fields of Science, Art and Public Life and set them as role models for the youngest. The association organizes Historical, Scientific and Entertaining Conferences, frequent visits to Arcadia and other places of touristic and educational value. The ultimate goal of the association is to put in touch the Arcadian populations from all over the world and to highlight the fact that Culture and the cultural diversity rather brings together than separates the people. For this purpose we cooperate with other Local associations transferring our cultural elements and thus enriching our national identity. ‘Proselini’ association works towards projecting the intellect and uniting the people despite their differences.
All in all it is our aim to preserve the society’s structures and strengthen the people’s bonds.


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