Otranto: The table of St.Joseph – Video (2015)

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Otranto: The Table of St.Joseph -2015

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Otranto: Tavole di San Giuseppe 2015, il rito

Feast Day of Saint Joseph in Salento, Italy

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For more details click http://www.kizoa.com/embed-24876844-4648301o1l1“>here

The tables of St. Joseph are large tables set up on March 19 in honor of St. Joseph. The custom is attested in the towns of Salento Giurdignano, Poggiardo, Uggiano the Church, Cerfignano, Cocumola, Minervino di Lecce, Casamassella, Otranto, Lizzano, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Sava, Monteparano, San Pietro Vernotico, Erchie and San Donaci and also in Abruzzo, in Monteferrante.

These tables are made with different dishes and are generally the same in all the Salento, with some minor differences.
However, in the collective imagination, the highest form of devotion, to the considerable effort that is incurred, should prepare the “taula” all cooked, especially if made from the maximum number of saints (13): it imposes, in fact, the preparation of 169 dishes (13 dishes for 13 saints).
However, it will always be St. Joseph to “govern” the situation: it is up to him to decide when you stop eating each dish beating three times the fork on the edge of his plate.

The Saint Joseph Day, IPSSEOA, Otranto, Italy: click https://pf.kizoa.com/vcol.swf?col=24908810&kc=1722894“>here


The Saint Joseph Day, Giurdigniano Italy: click https://pf.kizoa.com/vcol.swf?col=24909312&kc=2838242“>here


Official Press Release (DIDE A’ Athens)- March 2015

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Official Rress Release March 2015 (en)

Translated by Marina Katsafadou.

Poster “La Tavola di San Giuseppe” – Istituto Professionale Statale

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ZEPPOLE di San Giuseppe


Giurdignano – La Tavola di San Giuseppe

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Meeting Program in Italy – March 2015

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Meeting Program in Italy – March 2015