Comenius Regio Partnership consists of two partner regions, one of which acts as a “coordinator” for the project. The role of the coordinating region (Partner region 1) is purely administrative; both partner regions have the same rights and obligations within the partnership. In each partner region, the relevant authority is asked to involve at least one school and one other organisation in the project. The other organisation should make a significant contribution to the aims of the project.

This Commenius regio aims to help teachers, organizations and students to raise questions with a curious look over past times in order to increase a kind of awareness upon the historical, regional and cultural heritage.
All participants will be asked to organize creative and enjoyable activities over ART, HISTORY and CULTURE with the cooperation of the local community to feel the touch of the past on the present, and see the continuity of life. Through such awareness in such a bilateral and multicultural cooperation, students will discover and understand the importance of the ‘unity’ in ‘diversity’ on a common ground. It would be a peaceful and unifying approach to trace back through past times, because remembering the codes we have inherited from our Forefathers will help to feel the continuity of life on our lands, and so in the world. So the most peaceful and unifying motivation in coming closer is to find out our historical heritage, because history means geography, language, literature, traditions, arts, music, theater, architecture, and so on. Also, this experience aims to make everyone consider the importance of producing new values from this national and universal heritage.

Our partners

Coordinator of program: Dimitra Macri
Creator and administrator of Blog: Irene Malliarou


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