On Wednesday 29/4/2015, an action under the Comenius ARCADIALOGUE programme took place at the 2nd KAPH of Ilion. Pupils of the 3rd class (G2) from 11th jr highschool of Ilion visited the place of KAPH and discussed with them about their jobs and the professions that existed 20-30 years before.

They learned about: “How the ice cream was sold on the road?”, “Who repaired the kitchenware?”, “How women used to weave at the loom?” etc.

An interesting short lecture was given by the social worker of the KAPI, Mrs Makri Giota about old professions that disappeared during the years that passed by.

Pupils formed small teams and sat around the erderly listening to their stories with great interest. They also took interviews and wrote their impressions in our school e-magazine (emagazino11.wordpress.com).

Pupils and the grandfathers and the grandmothers were excited with this meeting once again. The 11th junior highschool has created this communication channel with the 2nd KAPI since the beginning of the ARCADIALOGUE project -2 years now-, and pupils always express their desire to continue meeting and sharing time with the erderly.

The action was coordinated by Maria Avramidou and teachers that took part were: Mitsiou G., Manola V., Lattas K., Siggenioti E., and the ex-director Mrs Giota Stellaki who continues to support the program. The teachers thanked the president of the KAPI who always gives to our school the opportunity to be “An Open School to Society”.

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