On 03.04.2015, students from innovative activity programs of the 11th junior highschool of Ilion  visited the Environmental Education Centre of Lavrion (EEC), located in Lavrio Technological Cultural Park (TPPL)
After the reception of students in EEC’s premises there was a presentation of the history of modern Lavrion and the place of the former French Mining Company by Ms. Maria Kagiafa.
Then conducted a guided tour at the TPPL and the visit ended with a reference to the sound management of natural materials and waste. .
During the visit, provided the opportunity for students to discuss around the concepts: crafts, industry, development, profit, cost, consumerism, management, exploitation, tourism, Sustainability – Economy.
Also, students had the opportunity to see coins that had made students in a previous program (Attic drachma) applying different modes of production (craft and industrial)
The visit took place under the European program Comenius Regio Arcadia (thematic: Economy).

 Written by Maria Avramidou

 Click here to see photos from our visit