On the 30th of January 2015, and traditionally, on the occasion of the Day of the Three Hierarchs, Fathers of Greek letters,(Education Day), the students participating in the program “Once upon a time…” dramatized an interview with the Three Hierarchs regarding all current issues such as:

  •    the role of the Orthodox church in modern society
  • exploitation and the pursuit of wealth at the expense of others
  • Man and the environment
  • the role of education and its effectiveness
  • the role of the teacher in student personality development
  • the role of punishment

During the interview two students-reporters asked three other students appearing as the Three Hierarchs questions on all the above mentioned subjects and the latter responded with quotations of the Three Hierarchs, taken from the literary legacy the Fathers bestowed on us. At the celebration modern songs were sung, the context of which pertained to related subjects; coming close to God, love between people, as this was taught by the Three Hierarchs.

The celebration was attended by Dr Makri D., coordinator of Comenius program, Mrs Stellaki P., active member of the program and ex- director of our school, Mrs Hioti D. ex teacher of our school, parents, teachers and all of the 3 classes of the 11th Junior High School of Ilion.

Written by Mitsiou Georgia and Avramidou Maria.