Under the European Programme COMENIUS REGIO ARCADIALOGUE, Mr Andreas Triantafillopoulos, member of the 2nd KAPI of Ilion and representative of the Arcadian Association of Ilion, implements for second year (2014-2015) open lessons concerning traditional professions that are rarely found nowdays and have been replaced by machines.

Lessons take place every week at school with the pupils of the 11th junior high school of Ilion that participate in the Environmental Programme “Reduce, reuse, recycle”.

The materials used till now are plaster and wood. With these, pupils made Christmas decoration items and relieves made of plaster that have been sold in the school Christmas bazaar. They also made a wooden Christmas tree and a big Christmas crib from plaster.

Next materials to be used are copper and glass.

Pupils are excited trying to be small artisans.

 Written by Maria Avramidou.