An alternative approach to teach using the fairytale as educational tool was presented in a seminar held at 11th junior highschool of Ilion on Wednesday 10th of December 2014.

The seminar had the title “Mythi, mythi paramythi: the fairytale during the educational process” (paramythi means fairytale in greek) and introducers were the teachers of A’ Direction of Athens Mrs.Panayiota Bafaki – chemist and Mrs.Sophia Kouroutsidou – philologist.

The seminar was organised by Dr. Dimitra Makri, school adviser of secondary education in A’ direction of Athens – coordinator of the Comenius project and the teachers of ARCADIAlogue team of 11th Jr Highschool of Ilion.

Participants in this extraordinary seminar were teachers of the 11th Jjnior highschool of Ilion, Mrs Heleni Manolopoulou, school adviser of secondary education in C’ direction of Athens, the director of 13th General Highschool of Athens Mrs S. Misthou, the ex-director of 11th junior highschool of Ilion, Mrs M. Latta and Mrs C. Kapadei, representatives of 2nd KAPI (center of elderly) of Ilion.

A workshop has taken place under the title: “The structure of the fairytale – 31 functions by Vladimir Propp” where the participants had to create their own fairytale.

Teachers expressed too much interest to write a fairytale and use it as an educational tool but as noticed they do not have a rich imagination!!!

Written by Vana Manola