Taking the opportunity of December 1st “WORLD AIDS DAY” all teachers and pupils of B and C class of 11th junior high school of Ilion were informed about the pandemic disease of HIV infection and they all sang the Hymn of Love.

The demonstration included:

  • Videos showing the miracle of Life “From Conception to Birth”
  • Traditional songs of birth and marriage sang by the pupils participating in the project
  • Informative Video about AIDS
  • Drama perfomance of the Hymne of Love by the pupils participating in the project
  • Modern song of Love
  • A series of comics presentation showing ways of protection when having sex.

The aim of this initiative was firstly to inform about AIDS but at the same time to give, transmit and share the message of LOVE and HOPE when man faces several difficulties in real life, especially health issues.The demonstration was a joint effort of the theologians Ms Mitsiou Georgia and Mrs Panagiotopoulou Alexandra and the biologist Mrs Avramidou Maria. An open discussion took place at the end of the demonstration and all agreed that HEALTH HAS TO BE PROTECTED AND LOVE HAS TO BE SHARED.

 Written by Maria Avramidou.

Click to see the video