▲08-10-2014            DAY SEMINAR

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Venue 1: The Public Library of Dimitsana, Gortynia, Arkadia, Greece ●The event was attended by the Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue participants ►Action: Educational tour of the library ►Coordinator: Dr. Dimitra Macri ►Speaker: Ms. Despina Karafoti.

Venue 2: Open-Air Water-Power Museum, Dimitsana, Gortynia, Greece ●The seminar was attended by local authorities and the Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue participants ►Action 1: Educational tour of the museum ►Coordinator: Dr. Dimitra Macri ►Speaker: Ms. Ira-Christina Papadopoulou ►Action 2 – Presentation: “Economic and social structure of traditional settlements: from the past to the present” ►Chairman/Coordinator: Dr. Dimitra Macri ►Speakers: ●Mr. Ioannis Ghionis, ●Ms. Rosella Diana ●Ms. Ira-Christina Papadopoulou ●Ms. Panaghiota Stellaki ►Action 3 – Presentation: Official presentation of Dr. Ioannis Makris’ CD and talk on “Electronic Music & Sounds from Greece-Italy” ►Chairman/Coordinator: Dr. Dimitra Macri ►Speaker: ●Dr. Ioannis Makris.