A Creative Art Workshop was set up by the 11th Junior High School of Ilion, Athens, within the framework of the European Partnership Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA. logue and under the guidance of   Mr. Andrew Triantafyllopoulos. The seminar was free and classes were offered every Monday (14 p.m. -16 p.m) on the school premises from January to June 2014. The person in charge of lessons , Mr. Triantafyllopoulos taught woodcarving, sculpture and painting, contributing thus to the aesthetic embellishment of the school campus. At the end of year 2014 festival, the work of the Creative Art Workshop was presented to the school community through a series of educational activities and Mr. Andrew Triantafyllopoulos was awarded by the school Director with a diploma in recognition and reminiscence of his voluntary work offer.

Translated by Katerina Christoforatou


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