29-04-2014            DAY SEMINAR

Venue 1Worldwide Cultural Institution of the Hellenes of the Diaspora, Nea Filadelfia, Attica, Greece ●The event was attended by educators, student representatives, and ARCA.DIA.logue participants. ►Topic: “The theater as an educational tool in conveying knowledge and tradition” ►Chairman/Coordinator: Dr. Dimitra Macri ►Salutations: ●Mr. Tavropoulos ●Mr. Kavakopoulos ►Speakers: ●Mr. Argyris Ghoumas ●Dr. Ioannis Makris.

Museum Visit: “Filio Xaydemenou” Museum of the Hellenes of Asia Minor Descent ►Chairman/Coordinator: Dr. Dimitra Macri ►Speaker: Museum docent.

For a brief video presentation of the seminar click http://www.kizoa.com/embed-24798673-6318718o1l1“>HERE

For the shadow theater click HERE