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poster April 2014


The Traditional Arcadian Wedding and An Approach to The Modern Marriage: A performance.

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On Tuesday evening, April 29th 2014, the 2o Gymnassio of N.Filadelfia hosted the Italian delegation for a second time and there was a performance of the school stage group in the framework of the Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue partnership having as a subject “The Traditional Wedding and An Approach to The Modern Marriage”.
Mrs.Catherine Sarkou and Mrs.Xanthoula Vafiadaki were the responsible for the theatrical synthesis educators who guided the members of the stage group.
The assistant headmaster of the school Mrs.I. Malliarou was responsible for the video projection and Mrs. M. Katsafadou was responsible for the translation of the whole work in English.
The dancing group of the Senior High School of Nea Halkidona participated in the event as well.
Mr.Heraclis Mantzaris was the educator who taught the group of dancers.
The 11th Gymnassion of Ilion offered the sugar coated almond boxes (the traditional greek bonbonieres) which are offered to the guests after the wedding.
The role of the Matchmaker was stressed through some theatrical snapshots, the marriage settlement was presented as well as the girls who had embroidered their trousseaux.
The bride’s dowry was exposed, the friends of the bride and the bridegroom were at the wedding ceremony, the bride’s giving away to the bridegroom and the traditional feast after the wedding were also presented.
There was an approach to the modern marriage by presenting the young couple’s first meeting which happened with the assistance of the modern technology and went on up to the final stage, the stage of the wedding.
Mr. Papadimitriou, the Substitute Director of the DIDE A’Athens, Mrs. Dimitra Makri, the school adviser responsible for our school and the coordinator of the european partnership Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue, some school advisers for the Secondary Education, the President of the school committee Mr. Tavropoulos, some representatives of the Parents’Association representatives of our school and a large number of parents honoured the event by their attendance.
Translated by Marina Katsafadou.

Some photographs taken during the performance are in front of you