The International Environmental Education Network’s project “My school goes on a voyage with PERSEUS (PERSEUS@schoolnetwork)” coordinated by the Department for Environmental Education, A’ Athens D.I.DE. and approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Education was developed a scientific educational project in collaboration with the scientific research program PERSEUS (Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research in Southern European Seas). During the first pilot application (academic year 2013-14) the ARCA.DIA.logue Program coordinated by A’ Athens D.I.DE.collaborated with the network because the main topic of the meeting in March of Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue was about environment (environmental problems).

During this year the network  P.E.R.S.E.U.S. studied the impact that manmade and natural pressures impose on the marine environment and contributed by helping students and teachers understand that the way in which societies manage their activities affects the marine environment.  With P.E.R.S.E.US. collaborated ARCA.DIA.logue and others participants included 600 students and 40 teachers from 20 Primary and Secondary Education schools located in the regions of Attica, Achaia, and Messinia.

The Italian delegation was invited by Dr. Georgia Fermeli, DI.D.E. A’ Athens Environmental Education Supervisor at a oceanographic mission. The Argosaronic Gulf maritime tour was related with educational activities of the PERSEUS Network took place on AEGEO, ELKETHE’s Marine Research Vessel.

The italian students offered hospitality through the “ODYSSEAS” Protocol and the teacher participating in the international ARCA.DIA.logue meeting also participated in the environmental oceanographic mission aboard the AIGAIO research vessel.

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