The National Day’s Celebration (25th March 1821-War for Independence) at the 2nd High School (Gymnassio) of Nea Filadelfia

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The National Day’s Celebration (25th March 1821-War for Independence) at the 2nd High School (Gymnassio) of Nea Filadelfia.

On Monday 24th March 2014 – Eve of the National Day’s Anniversary of the outbreak of the War for Independence (25th March 1821) – there was a celebration at the ceremony room of the 2nd High School (Gymnassio) of Nea Filadelfia. The whole action was divided in three parts:

1st and 2nd parts.
During the first and the second parts, there were 1) a presentation of the main heroes who participated in the greek revolution as well as some scenes from that revolutionary period. 2) a video projection whose subject was the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks. 3) a theatrical event entitled: «Οn the Eve of the Revolution» and 4) extracts from «Τhe Free Besieged», the great poem of the Greek National Poet Dionyssios Solomos given in a theatrical way.

3rd part.
The third part was a particular tribute to the Greek General Makriyannis, one of the main heroes of the struggle for Independence whose everlasting thoughts and views were presented. Makriyannis is considered to be the paragon of the greek struggler for Independence, a model not only for the greek people but also for all the people striving for freedom and against slavery and tyranny. There were also some traditional dances and songs honouring the National Day.
The songs were sung by the school choir and Mrs Selina- the school teacher of music- was responsible for the choir’s direction.
Mrs Catherine Sarkou and Mr Sotiris Kirmizoglou were the responsible for the whole action teachers.
Some photographs taken during the National Day’s Celebration are in front of you
Translated by Marina Katsafadou.


Mission oceanographic in collaboration with P.E.R.S.E.U.S

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The International Environmental Education Network’s project “My school goes on a voyage with PERSEUS (PERSEUS@schoolnetwork)” coordinated by the Department for Environmental Education, A’ Athens D.I.DE. and approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Education was developed a scientific educational project in collaboration with the scientific research program PERSEUS (Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research in Southern European Seas). During the first pilot application (academic year 2013-14) the ARCA.DIA.logue Program coordinated by A’ Athens D.I.DE.collaborated with the network because the main topic of the meeting in March of Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue was about environment (environmental problems).

During this year the network  P.E.R.S.E.U.S. studied the impact that manmade and natural pressures impose on the marine environment and contributed by helping students and teachers understand that the way in which societies manage their activities affects the marine environment.  With P.E.R.S.E.US. collaborated ARCA.DIA.logue and others participants included 600 students and 40 teachers from 20 Primary and Secondary Education schools located in the regions of Attica, Achaia, and Messinia.

The Italian delegation was invited by Dr. Georgia Fermeli, DI.D.E. A’ Athens Environmental Education Supervisor at a oceanographic mission. The Argosaronic Gulf maritime tour was related with educational activities of the PERSEUS Network took place on AEGEO, ELKETHE’s Marine Research Vessel.

The italian students offered hospitality through the “ODYSSEAS” Protocol and the teacher participating in the international ARCA.DIA.logue meeting also participated in the environmental oceanographic mission aboard the AIGAIO research vessel.

For a brief presentation click at the follow picture:

Poster Mars 2014

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Anthem of the Union Greek-speaking villages of Salento

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Anthem of the Union Greek-speaking villages of Salento

Translated in Greek by Dimitra Macri

Official Press Release (DIDE A’ Athens) – March 2014

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Official Press Release (DIDE A’ Athens) – March 2014
Translated by Marina Katsafadou.

5th meeting in Athens – 11th Gymnasium of Ilion

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On Thursday, 6th March 2014, on account of the 5th meeting og the European programme Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue , the 11th Junior High School of Ilion welcomed the Italian representatives and cooperated with them.

In the school auditorium the following activities took place with Ms Anna Kazantzoglou as coordinator:

  1. Teachers’ Seminar titled “Teaching procedures through constructions – Recycling”.
  2. Students’ Creative Workshop: «We create things with materials from the sea”, which was organized by the Environmental Tecum of the school and Ms M. Avramidou as responsible teacher. The workshop was dedicated to Recycling. (Workshop on Recycling with materials from the see)

In this activity, representatives of the various participants of the Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue participated and played an important role.

The Italian students, according to the “Odysseas” protocol of cooperation attended the workshop with special interest and enthusiasm and were received  as guests by the students of the school, coming to know this way the Greek hospitality.

Students of the school had previously visited the Ministry of Education where the official reception of the Italian representatives took place.

(Translation: Tsotakou Helen)


1) Educational activities about Recycling – workshop with teachers


2) Recycling – workshop for students



Welcoming to the Greek Ministry of Education

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Welcoming of the team involved in the European program Comenius Regio: ARCA.DIA.LOGUE & the students who are travelling under the cooperation of “ODYSSEAS” protocol to the Greek Ministry of Education (6 March 2014)

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A student’s speech in griko

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A student’s speech in griko 5_3_2014

Translated by Dimitra Macri

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