In the frame of the partnership Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue, a lecture was given by Mrs. Fotini Kaimaki entitled «Grecia Salentina-the Greek Salento Region».
Mrs Kaimaki is a greek language teacher, researcher and writer with long experience and particular knowledge of the hellenophone civilization in Southern Italy. (The Greek Salento Region- The Hellenophone Calabria Region).
Mrs Kaimaki’s lecture was given in the ceremony room of the 2nd High School of Nea Filadelfia on Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 6.30 p.m.
Mrs Dimitra Makri, the school adviser and coordinator of the partnership, the representative of the municipality of Nea Filadelfia Mr. Kavakopoulos, the members of the parents’ association of the 2nd High School, the headmaster and the teachers of the school, a great number of parents and students and many inhabitants of Nea Filadelfia attended the meeting.
During the lecture, there was a projection of slides and the participants listened to music and songs of the Salento region (griko dialect).
After her lecture, Mrs Kaimaki answered a lot of questions and exchanged views with some of the participants.
Translated by Marina Katsafadou.

Some photographs taken during the lecture by Mrs. Fotini Kaimaki are in front of you