4th Meeting in Italy (5-8 January 2014)
«Tradition and Dialogue as a means of acquiring the European Citizenship»

In the Castle of Corigliano,the greek delegation’s welcoming by Mrs Porziana Di Cosola, the Headmaster of the Istituto Comprensivo di Corigliano.
Mrs Makri, the coordinator of the Comenius Partnership, presented the members of the 11th Gymnassio of Ilion (Mrs Stellaki and Mrs Synghenioti) and their material offered by the Acropolis Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art of Athens, especially ancient toys and ancient greek clothes worn by the people in winter and summer.

In the Castle of Corigliano: Teaching a greek traditional dance (our popular syrtaki). The students of the Istituto Comprensivo di Corigliano being taught by Mrs. Manola, the Assistant Headmaster of the 11th Gymnassio of Ilion. The members of the two delegations are also taking part in the dance activity. It is a nice snapshot with all the excited participants in the magnificent Corigliano Castle.

Revival of some professions practised during the Christ’s Era.

PRESEPE VIVENTE TORREPADULI – Programma di Venerdì 20 Dicembre 2013

Koriana: Video projection presenting the way of living, working and entertaining the people of Corigliano in the past with the participation of students of Corigliano and members of the Piccolo Teatro Coriglianese.

Activity by the students of the 2nd High School (Gymnassio) of Nea Filadelfia. A theatrical synthesis having as a subject “A Christmas Trip in Europe”, presented by Mrs. Catherine Sarkou and Mrs. Xanthoula Vafiadaki.

Translated by Marina Katsafadou.