Event on “Relationships between different generations” at the 11th High School Ilion

Under the partnership Comenius Regio ARCA.DIA.logue an event was held at 11th Junior High Scholl of Ilion at 20th November 2013, dedicated to intergenerational relations, on “Live Books: Read about the erdely

Speaker of the event was the award-winning author, poet and lyricist John Kalpouzos, who presented the literary project, demonstrating how the feverish narrative “captures” the reader. Official guests at the event were members of the 2nd KAPH of Ilion, in cooperation with the 11th High School of Ilion. The event was attended by teachers, parents, students and official guests of the Municipality of Ilion.

Attendees watched with unflagging interest the calm voice of the author, the seductive language of film and the humor until the end of the event, which was very successful. A key element of the reductions in the past, the tradition and the people of the third age. Schoolchildren framed the event with music of his lyrics, read extracts from his books and took a small interview from the author.

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The invitation for the event