Speakers (08-11-2013)

Speakers (08-11-2013)

▲08-11-2013            DAY SEMINAR

Venue: Christian & Byzantine Museum, Athens, Greece ●The seminar was attended by DI.D.E. A’ Athens teachers and school directors as well as representatives from the Italian Embassy in Athens; the Institute of Educational Policy, Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs; and the Municipality of Ilion. ►Topic: “Grecia Salentina”, PART 1 & 2 ►Chairman: Nikolaos Mavroydis ►Coordinator: Dr. Dimitra Macri ►Speakers: ●Dr. Franco Inglese ●Dott.ssa Isabella Oztasciyan Bernardini d’ Arnesano ●Fotini Kaymaki ►Vocals in Griko: Ms. A. Spagnolo.